About Financial Wellness

We are leading experts in the field of financial literacy, providing practical money management solutions to Individuals, Women, Youth groups, Teens, Families, SMEs, Large Company employees, Professionals and various Urban and Rural communities. We have economically empowered thousands of people through our programs.

Financial literacy training and coaching empowers people to make better financial decisions, and to understand how particular financial products can help them achieve their goals.

Our customised financial literacy training and coaching programmes cover various areas including financial planning, credit & debt management, money management, risk and insurance, savings, estate planning, investments and entrepreneurship.

Economists continue to urge Zimbabweans to start living within their means, improve their money management skills to ensure they eliminate and remain out of debt and encourage a healthy culture of financial awareness and practice.

To a greater extent, everyday problems such as stress, depression, interpersonal and work related problems are caused by financial worries and not being in control of your financial future.

Get in touch with us for more information on our lined up training sessions or to find our how we can come up with a customised programme for you.

We also have customised programs to help individuals, couples and households as follows:

Personal Finance Counselling program;

Personal Finance Fitness Coaching program;

And, Personal Debt Management advisory programs.

Please some of our designed Financial Wellness training programs under Training Services.

Email us on info@dreams.co.zw

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